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How to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums by Getting Married ...
Oct 30, 2009 . Now, I'm not advocating going out and getting married just to lower your car insurance premiums--that would be insane. But if you do find .

Do Car Insurance Rates Go Down When You Get Married?
Marriage means more responsibility and luckily, lower car insurance rates. See how tying the knot can change the insurance company's perception of you.

6 financial benefits of marriage - marriage and money - MSN Money
Apr 11, 2011 . Getting hitched can mean not only increased income but lower costs and . You don't even have to get married to get a break on car insurance .

  • Combining car insurance after marriage, cost-saving or costly?
    Since auto insurance rates are based on a client's risk, becoming a lower risk client will have the effect of lowering auto insurance premiums. Married people can .

  • Esurance - Car Insurance Myths: Marriage Won't Change Insurance ...
    Among other benefits, did you know marriage can also help you save on car . And, in the insurance world, less risk translates into lower car insurance rates.

  • Does getting married lower your car insurance costs? - Quora
    Dec 5, 2010 . Answer 1 of 3: Yes. I think my insurance rates went down by about 20 - 25% (a very non-trivial amount) after I got married. Especially for males .

  • How Marital Status Affects Auto Insurance Rates at The ...
    Lower Auto Insurance Rates for Married Couples: Discrimination? Similarities to the . Traffic Ticket Points Can Increase A Car Insurance Rate. Learn Order A .

  • 5 Money-Saving Insurance Tips For Couples
    Mar 30, 2011 . (Waiting to marry has become the norm, but do you know what to . "I do." Married men attract much lower car insurance rates than their single .

Auto Insurance: Do Your Homework For Lower Premiums ...
You may be able to trim those auto insurance rates by doing your homework: . Auto Insurance - Do Your Homework for Lower Premiums . Standard, San Francisco County Sunset District, Married Couple, 9000 16000, Husband and wife .

  • Big Factors that Affect Car Insurance Rates - Yahoo! Education
    Wondering how you could save on car insurance? . In fact, your auto insurance rate can vary greatly, depending on everything . Married = Lower Premiums .

  • Auto Insurance Savings from Life Changes
    For example, unhappy things like divorce or job loss can lead to lower auto . divorced, like getting married, can get you a discount on your auto insurance rates.

  • Car Insurance Quotes
    Get Free Customized Car Insurance Quotes so You can Save . You're getting married or adding someone to your policy . are moving from a higher crime or traffic area to a lower one, this decrease in risk could lower your car insurance costs.

  • Does Marital Status Affect Car Insurance Rates? | Save Today Auto ...
    You can compare married versus singe rates between insurance companies by . While getting married may reduce your car insurance quote, there are other .

  • Quick Quiz -
    Getting auto insurance is tough enough without knowing what can raise or lower . Insurance companies often charge married consumers lower rates on car .§ion=ins&subject=quizzes&referer=advice&aff=national

  • The Cost Of Being Married Versus Being Single -
    Jul 25, 2006 . What does it cost to live single, married or married with kids? . And auto insurers place married people in a lower risk class, saving them money . like household maintenance, homeowners and life insurance, and furniture.

  • 12 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums - Mint
    May 11, 2010 . When should you go shopping for car insurance and what premium . You're going to have to do your homework, make some calls, and . You get married: Many insurers factor your marriage status into their risk equations.

  • How You Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates | USAA
    Jul 15, 2011 . The price you pay for auto insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars, depending what type of car you have, where you live, and how much .

Cheap National Auto Insurance and Marriage
Marriage can also have another effect on auto insurance if one spouse has a poor . couples can lower their premium and save money on their auto insurance .

  • 20 Tips to Getting Affordable Auto Insurance
    Jan 20, 2012 . What does it take to get affordable auto insurance? . ways, plus introduce some more drastic steps you can take to lower your auto insurance. . Combine Policies if Newly Married If you just got married, and have the same .

  • 10 Tips to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates and Premiums - Yahoo ...
    Jun 2, 2009 . Lower Car Insurance Rate Tip #1: Get Married. Married people generally pay lower rates than do their single counterparts of the same sex, age .

  • Saving Money With Marriage and Car Insurance | Used Car Warranty
    Apr 21, 2011 . Does Marriage Matter Anymore? The age old rule for auto insurance quotes is there are two key life adjustments which can lower your rate: .

  • HowStuffWorks "Does car insurance lower at a certain age?"
    How does where you live affect your auto insurance rate? . So, a married woman at 25 is already likely to have a lower insurance rate than an unmarried male .

  • Age, Marriage Impact Your Auto Insurance
    Age, Marriage Impact Your Auto Insurance . Can Marriage change my policy? . When reviewing an auto insurance policy, be sure that it can fully cover both you and . Seniors also have lower premiums because they do spend less time .

  • Factors That Affect Your Rate | GMAC Insurance
    So, if you're married you'll probably pay lower auto insurance premiums. . Applicable discounts: You can lower your GMAC Insurance rate by taking advantage .

  • How Are Auto Insurance Rates Determined? - Budgeting Money
    Understanding what determines auto insurance rates can give you some . Women sometimes get lower rates because they are considered to be safer drivers. Being married might also decrease your insurance premiums, just as having an .

Why are women's car insurance rates generally lower than men's in ...
[Archive] Why are women's car insurance rates generally lower than men's in the U.S.? General . And why does marriage lower rates?

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How Young Children Affect Auto Insurance Quotes ...
Young children do not have a dramatic impact on your auto insurance quotes. Some insurance companies may offer a slightly lower quote because they expect parents to . will pay more for their insurance on average than married people do.

Car Insurance Rules: Tips for Domestic Partners -
Car insurance rules are the same for most individuals. . The fact that one is married or is living with someone does not mean there are exceptions to certain rules. . records will give couples an advantage when haggling for lower premiums.

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