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Homeowners insurance bites dogs that bite
During a pre-screening interview for homeowners insurance, Michael Richbourg of Atlanta was asked if he owned any dogs. He said he had two mixed breeds.

Insurance for the Dog Owner
Mar 29, 2011 . It is absolutely essential for every dog owner to have homeowners insurance or renters insurance, and that the insurance policy does not .

Home insurance for dog owners |
Oct 15, 2010 . Depending on what breed of dog you own, where you live and your insurance company, it could be difficult to buy home insurance that .

Homeowners' Insurance Resource Center
Resource Center · Finding Homeowners' Insurance · Prevent Dog Bites · State . Surprising as it may sound, more and more dog owners are being told they will .

Biting dog could increase homeowner's insurance - Chicago Tribune
Mar 16, 2012 . Homeowners might want to think twice before bringing a dog into the house. Some insurance companies will be less than thrilled to hear about .

  • Farmers Homeowners Insurance And Liability Claims From Dog Bites
    The Insurance Institute estimates that up to a a third of home owners liability claims are for dog bites. Your Farmers agent can give you -assistance when you .

  • Pet Owner Resources
    Pet care, behavior and nutrition information and tips for pet owners. . Disaster Preparedness, Home Foreclosure & Pets, Home Insurance for Dog Owners .

  • Pit Bulls and Homeowners Insurance « Pet News and Views
    May 17, 2010 . Pit Bulls and Homeowners Insurance. My friend Holly is purchasing her first home. She has a dog, and would like to adopt another one since .

  • What homeowners insurance companies do not discriminate by dog ...
    Homeowners insurance and Dogs. No insurance company discriminates against a dog or breed, However, Insurance companies are increasingly unwilling to .

  • Bad dog: Dont bite homeowners insurance
    It's me or the dog. That's the ultimatum that some insurance companies give some canine owners searching for homeowners insurance or rental coverage.

  • High-Risk Dogs and Your Insurance
    Well, homeowners with those specific dog breeds may have a hard time qualifying for a homeowners insurance policy. Current policyholders may be paying .

  • Dog friendly Home Owners Insurance Companies (ridgeback, shepherd ...
    Mar 16, 2010 . We've got USAA and I double checked when we got our Cane Corso but the only information they asked for was whether we had a dog, and if .

  • Dog Breeds that will Raise your Home Owners Insurance Rates ...
    These days, many insurance companies are being picky about what dogs there are willing to insure in a home owners insurance policy. Insurers state that these .

How Pet Dogs Can Affect Homeowners Insurance Policies - Mitchell ...
What you need to know about how dogs impact your homeowners insurance if they are vicious breeds.

  • Homeowners Insurance and Dogs
    Owning a dog can have a serious impact on your homeowners insurance rate. Learn what you can do to keep your premiums in check and compare free quotes .

  • Dogs and Homeowners Insurance |
    Jan 6, 2009 . Dog Liability and Homeowners Insurance Insurance companies have paid particular interest to dogs in recent years and have worked at field .

  • Insurers turning down coverage for homeowners with 'bully' dog ...
    Aug 6, 2010 . It's usually a pit bull owner whose dog has never bit anyone, and yet an insurance company is threatening to cancel his homeowner's policy.

  • Pet insurance: Companies growl at certain dog breeds - Los ...
    Jul 25, 2009 . But anyone planning to adopt or purchase a dog should beware: Fido or Fifi could be a killer when it comes to homeowner liability insurance.

  • Dog Owners' Liability Insurance |
    In 2010, more than a third of all homeowner's insurance liability claims involved dog bites, and insurers paid an estimated $413 million to cover those claims, .

  • Is Your Dog on a Homeowners Insurance Blacklist? - Yahoo! Voices ...
    Aug 29, 2011 . The liability portion of your homeowner's insurance covers your legal responsibilities for any accidents and/or loss occurring on your property, .

  • Dogs and Homeowner' s Insurance
    Some insurance companies charge higher premiums – or even deny coverage – to homeowners who have specific dog breeds, such as those listed below.

How Owning Dangerous Dog Breeds Can Hurt Your Homeowners ...
The cost of the avg. dog bite to a home insurance policy is $21200, accounting for about 4% of homeowners claims or 15% of homeowners liability claims.

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Homeowners Insurance
The MSPCA receives many phone calls from people who are denied homeowner's insurance solely because they own a particular breed of dog. These breeds .

Homeowners insurers don't like some dog breeds
Aug 6, 2009 . Your dog may be the darling of your household, but in the eyes of your homeowners insurance company, your cuddly critter could be a .

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